About RemoteDynamic

I am Julja, coach, consultant and founder of RemoteDynamic

RemoteDynamic is a coaching and consulting company for remote teams. It’s run by me, Julja Schneider, an experienced group dynamics coach, and remote work consultant.

Our tools and strategies are backed by my educational background in Organisational Sociology and Group Dynamics. Combined with offside and online experience in the work with international teams from start-ups to multinational corporations, we enable you to work productively, motivated and happy together as a team.

We support you in setting up communication and collaboration processes and structures, in bonding as a team, and running effective online team meetings, so you can concentrate on whatever it is that you are doing best.

How We Work

1. Assess Your Needs

2. Pinpoint The Strategy

We set SMART goals and objectives. With a clear plan what we want to achieve in the short and long term we pick for virtual teams customized tools and methods that fit to you.

3. Go Into Action

Now it is time to start realizing your goals!

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