Virtual Team Development

Virtual Team Development is a structured process to
bond, engage, and solve your team's specific problems.
During an online team workshop, the team will be encouraged to co-operate and work towards a common goal.

Virtual Team Development brings out the capabilitites of team members and makes thus the team more effective.



Solve your team’s specific problem areas and start working as a cohesive, successful team.

in short:

four stages of virtual team development
A team goes through four stages before it works effectively together. Sometimes it develops fast, sometimes a team gets stuck in one stage for a long time. Often teams fall back from one stage to a former stage when problems arise, structures are changed and also everytime when a team member leaves or joins the team.

Virtual Team Development

Online Workshops

1.5 hours online workshop to co-operate, engage, and solve your team's problem area.

Remote Team Culture

In short: How do you want to work together? Make an Action Plan.

How: We will have a look at the status quo of your team and from that, you will design step-by-step your ideal team culture and an action plan on how to work together. You will discuss in the main group. engage in breakout rooms, participate in anonymous voting sessions, and decide on your most important changes and how to put them into action.

Communication in virtual teams

In short: How to communicate effectively online and avoid misunderstandings.

How: This workshop is all about communication. You’ll get to know and practice different communication techniques. You’ll experience the importance of asking open questions. And in an engaging group exercise, you’ll learn to choose the right communication medium (written, call, video) for your purpose. This workshop precedes a team task about active listening in written communication that we will organize the week before the workshop and takes daily up to 10 minutes of your team’s time.

Cooperation in remote teams

In short: Learn to cooperate remotely in a gamification 

How: Your team will engage in two exercises where they will have to cooperate to be successful. One is the famous prisoner dilemma, showing that even completely rational individuals often do not cooperate, even if it is their best interest to do so. The second exercise combines cooperation and problem solving and finding a consensus in the group. You will finish by transferring your findings into the work reality of the team.

Virtual Team Building

Get to know and trust each other with engaging and fun team building exercises. Bond with short daily activities and team events.

Virtual Team Development

In online workshops you bond, engage, solve problems. Topics: team culture, collaboration, trust, communication, and more.

Meeting facilitation

We facilitate engaging and effective online meetings for you, so that you can concentrate on bringing in your ideas in discussions.

Transition & Onboarding

We support you in setting up processes and structures for your remote team and in onboarding your newest virtual team members.