Design your successful remote team culture​

In this course, we will design your customized team culture that makes your remote team more productive and engaged. I will guide you through a variety of activities and with every task, you will get closer to your ideal team culture. (30-Day Money-Back Guarantee)

What you'll learn


How to establish a high-performance and engaging culture with your virtual team.


Identify the behaviours, values and expectations you share with your team.


Choose methods and tools to foster engagement and motivation at work.


Define the purpose of your team, the norms, and the rules you as a team want to work by to be successful.

Save money and time and be more productive

  • Find ideas on how to engage with your team.
  • Get active in various exercises and design your ideal team culture.
  • Share the course tasks with your team and create your team culture together.
  • Recognize different ways on how to foster team culture in remote teams.

Real-Life Examples and Getting Things Done

This course is not to sit back and listen to how great team culture looks like. It is about getting active and designing your ideal team culture. It is like a workshop, that you can either take alone, to get clarity about your values, norms, and rules that you work by best. Or you can give all of the tasks I give to you to your team as well and with that facilitate a team culture workshop for your team.
The course has helped 4,000+ students

I really enjoyed this workshop. The visual and transcript were part of the best resources. I enjoyed the engagement and exercises. Having examples of purpose statements at the end of the workshop was a great idea. The instructor spoke with clarity and the instructions were complete. I will use everything I've learned within my current role.

Jennifer G.

This course is accurate for driving a virtual team with a purpose

This course breaks Virtual Team Designs into 3 sections and are easy to learn

I strongly recommend this course to Leaders of virtual teams that are set to achieve goals.

Peter A.

Another excellent and insightful course with great ideas that will help in the hybrid way of working. Really took a lot from this one.

Caroline S.

I found this course quite challenging in the best way possible. The activities made me stop and thoroughly reflect on all aspects regarding team building and developing a successful culture. I have no doubts that this will help me keep growing as an individual in my team and I am certain any team or individuals I work with in the future will be able to take advantage of my learning experience as well.

Ricardo C.