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Virtual team building for remote teams

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Engage, have fun, get to know each other, identify with your team and company and build up trust.

in short:

Virtual Team Building

Team Workshops

Intense and fun virtual team building time with the whole team.

Profiling - Team Squad

In short: Every team member creates their player profile with facts, strengths, weaknesses, skills, surprises.

How: Get to know your team and its individuals. See who can help you with what. What do you have in common? Learn what you can learn from each other.
Fun and insightful activities to get to know each other and bond as a team.

This remote team building workshop helps you to get to know your team mates and their individual skills

Remote Olympics

In short: Compete in small challenges and win new friendships, skills, and fun.

How: In small teams, you compete against each other in various challenges like a trivia quiz, slogan creation, group picture logo taking, finish the lyrics, and much more. Be surprised with what the moderator of your team event comes up with and enjoy a fun event together.

With this virtual team building workshop you have fun as a team, challenge each other and build strong bonds.

Lightning Talk

In short: Share your skills and learn from your teammates in 5-10 minutes talks.

How: An event filled with talks by your teammates themselves! Before the event, we’ll provide you with an easy step-by-step guide on how to put together an interactive talk based on Gagné’s “Nine Events”.
Our moderator will lead through the event and every teammate holds one talk. Examples? We already had “Neck relief yoga in 10 minutes”, “Photoshop 1-on-1”, or “How to open a beer bottle without a bottle opener”. Your skills are the limit! Be ready for a fun and interesting event. 

Remote Team Building by your team for your team: teach each other new skills, get to know each other better and improve your own skillset.

Campfire Chat

In short: Reflect on your team, the company, and yourself by sharing funny, troubling, and powerful moments.

How: After a short trainer input about storytelling you dive into sharing memorable, funny, or touching moments you spend with your team. Listen and learn about values from personal stories in breakout rooms and then again with everybody. You will rip troublesome moments into pieces and give each other a confidence boost by sharing what you always wanted to tell each other but never did.

Virtual Team Building session where you share the good and the bad. talk about your funniest moments, hard times and success.

Virtual Team Building

Asynchronous Activities

Virtual team building integrated into your daily routine, whenever you have time for it.

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Once a week,

takes just 5 minutes.



E.g. once 30 minutes or daily 5 minutes, depending on team and task.

Table Tennis


You'll get a task almost daily for a week, taking 5 - 15 minutes.

Win Wednesday

Share  your win of the week with your team.

What great thing did you achieve in the past week? What are you proud of? Share anything that feels like a win with your team on "Share Your Win Wednesday", no matter if a private matter or a work success.

In Common

Find 10 things that  you all have in common.

Create a list of 10 things that all of you have in common, e.g. everybody has younger siblings, all of you are in the company for more than 1 year, or all of you like coffee.
Discuss and finish your list within a max. of 5 days.

Personality Types

Why you do things the way you do and your teammates, too.

Start by taking a personality test based on Myers-Briggs. Share the results and create a roadmap with weaknesses and strengths in your team. You'll learn about yourself and your colleagues and why everybody acts as they act.

Friday Foodie

Lunch break with your team and casual conversation.

Breakfast, lunch, or coffee break: No matter your time-zone, bring something to drink and eat and enjoy your meal while having a video chat with your colleagues. The only rule: no work talk!

Thankful Thursday

Give kudos to your teammates.

Employee recognition is a big motivator. Acknowledge your teammates' action by giving a Thankful Thursday shoutout to one person at work that did something nice for you, helped you with a question, somebody you are thankful for.

Whose is it?

Have fun and learn new things about your team.

Monday: Send a picture to a  topic to our moderator, e.g. your home office set-up, the view from your window, your favorite quote. Wednesday: We post the pics and your team guesses which picture belongs to whom. Friday: We crown the winner.

Scavenger Hunt

Compete against your teammates in a one-week-challenge with a daily task.

We'll send you daily one short task. Who folds the best origami? Can you find the funniest GIF? What about reciting a poem? 
Win glory and honor by collecting most of the points.

Would you rather...?

Decisions! Be surprised by you teammates' choices.

For one week we'll send you daily one "Would you rather...?" question. Would you rather never use social media again or never watch a movie? Answer spontaneously and have fun with your colleagues.


This activity is fun, engaging, and analyzes your communication patterns.

This activity is based on the children's game "telephone": A builds something out of everyday objects. B tries to re-create it without having seen it. And so on. Be surprised at how the construct looks like at the end of the week.

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