Here are the best tools to socialize with your remote team

You loved to have lunch with your co-workers when you were working in a co-located office? Do you miss these moments as a remote employee? But why? Who says remote teams cannot have lunch together? Cannot meet co-workers for a little chat on the (virtual) hallway? Or have fun together after work? 

19% of remote workers suffer from loneliness! (source: buffer remote work 2019 survey). 

It is time to change that and instead have some fun together!

Here are my favourite socializing tools for virtual teams

It is as easy as it sounds like: It’s pizzatime! You order pizza for your team on the website and takes care of the rest. They will make sure that your team will receive the pizza at the same time, no matter in which timezone they are (depending on your team some teammates might have to eat their pizza for breakfast, but hey, it’s pizza! Pizza is always tasty.). After you ordered, pizzatime sends out Zoom links to join the pizza party and on the pizza day, all you have to do is to join the video call, open your door for the delivery service and enjoy your pizza with your team. Buon appetito!

Donut App

Nop, this is not a delivery service for doughnuts. Donut pairs up team members that will have a video call together to enhance collaboration and trust. You decide if you want to be paired every 1-4 weeks and with 1 or more people. Then all you have to do is decide on a date for your meeting and hop on the video call. Use the time to get to know each other better. You can talk about anything, best NOT work-related. And hey, you can bring doughnuts if you want to!

Do you love to spend some good moments with your team after work? Instead of staying longer in the office, just stay a little longer online and play charade. makes it easy for you and your team to have some fun. Hop on a video call, decide who is going to be the referee, the others will be divided into two groups. The referee shares his or her screen with the person doing the charade and counts the points. The teammates try to guess as many points as possible. You can even make some tournaments and the loser team offers the winner team some pizza which you can order via 


Start socializing with your virtual coworkers

You see, it is easy to spend some time with your virtual team and have fun and get to know each other better. 

Remote work has so many advantages. Let us enjoy these and erase as many disadvantages as possible!

Virtual Team Building

Get to know and trust each other with engaging and fun team building exercises. Bond with short daily activities and team events.

Virtual Team Development

In online workshops you bond, engage, solve problems. Topics: team culture, collaboration, trust, communication, and more.

Meeting facilitation

We facilitate engaging and effective online meetings for you, so that you can concentrate on bringing in your ideas in discussions.

Transition & Onboarding

We support you in setting up processes and structures for your remote team and in onboarding your newest virtual team members.

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